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We are a non-profit organization that promotes the
knowledge of Blacksmithing skills and works to
promote the continued re-discovery of the art of
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Interested in heating metal red hot and forging it into
a new creation?  Come join us, we are a dynamic
group of  professional, amateur and beginning smiths
comprised of 9 separate Forge groups with monthly
meetings.  More Info on
Contact Us Page.
:: Alabama Forge Council  :: An Affiliate of the Artist - Blacksmith Association of North America
Clay Spencer's Tire Hammer
Tools as shown at the SBA
Conference 15-16 May 09
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updated: Apr 2016:  
New Info on Fall AFC event
added.  See Calendar page

ADDED Demonstrator
Articles 29 Aug 16
NOTICE:  Due to
scheduling conflicts the
Steve Williamson Animal
Head class is being
postponed.  The new
date will be posted as
soon as possible
The AFC Annual Business Meeting
will be at Tannehill on
Saturday 1/28/2017.  There will be
food at 12:00 with the
meeting to follow